Color Crush: Cerulean and Apple Green

Posted on February 10, 2016 by DropPlace | 1 comment

Spring is in the air, photographers! 

And we feel great as we embrace the season of new growth, and the signs of change are all around us. Flowers are perked, the days are longer, brighter and warmer, and our emotions are lifted by the extra light and raised temperature.

Time to get rid of those old clunky photography drops and take a look at these bright and refreshing Color Crush's of the month, cerulean and apple green! 

Don't forget the foolproof plan, photographers! You're going to crush it.

  1. Pick your desired backdrop.
  2. When choosing a secondary drop try and look for a complimentary color, shade or texture that's in your original drop that isn't very dominant. (That'll be the best choice for for your floor).
  3. When looking for a floor, look for styles that will compliment your backdrop of choice. For example, if you have a very busy piece look for something more subdued in pattern or texture. See example 3 on the Color Crush chart. 
  4. HAVE FUN WITH IT. There is no wrong or right combo when it comes to your photo shoots. Let your personality shine! 

    If you still don't have the hang of it don't fret, check back every month for new Color Crush combos!

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    Tips for Photographers: Cropping

    Posted on January 27, 2016 by DropPlace | 0 comments
    Here at DropPlace we're all about DIY and simple photography tips and tricks for bloggers, mothers, teachers and photographers of all kinds! And because of that we bring you some easy-peasy editing rules of thumb. Today we're focusing on cropping.


     Cropping refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing and accentuating the photographed subject. Digital cropping is the most popular form because it's easier to crop post production but physical cropping of printed photos is an option as well.  


    Cropping in an awkward position can end up ruining a perfectly good shot! It can make the viewer feel uncomfortable or anxious *insert scary music here* without even really knowing why and that's not ususally the reaction you'd like to receive when it comes to portrait photography.
    Because we love you and we don't want you to have any photo disasters we've complied a short list of DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to your cropping needs.


    DON'T chop off the tips of foreheads and don't cut off any ears. You wouldn't like if someone did that to you! ...wait.
    DO crop near the center of the forehead. It's an intentional crop to emphasize the photo and to add visual interest. This crop is great when other parts of the subject are "bleeding" off the page.


    DON'T cut off anyone's head.
    DO crop at the bust -- underneath the shoulders is an easy mark.


    DON'T crop at any joints! (elbows, wrists, knuckles, knees, ankles, toes)
    DO crop above or below the waist and right above the knee and low to mid calf.

     We hope that this brief guide will help you in times of editing terror! As always check back every Wednesday for our DropPlace dish. (We just made that up, we like it now). (:


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    Tips for Photographers: DIY Photo Booth

    Posted on December 17, 2015 by DropPlace | 1 comment
    What's more fun than a photo booth? You get to dress up in funny outfits and take silly photos with your favorite people and create memories for years to come. But professional photo booths can be so expensive, we know! Whatever shall we do?
    In the age of pinning and DIY everything sometimes things can get a little crazy. We get it, not everyone has the time or the creative touch to make everything we find on Pinterest. (Even though we really want to).
    So why not get a little help and still keep the costs down? 
    We asked one of our photographers to document one of her DIY photo booths and we just loved the outcome! Photos by Heather Anne Photography




    Now, you can choose to buy props, make props or just use fun and random things that you find around your house. We don't judge. Heather chose to bring her own props as well as make amusing items such as masks, mustaches, bow ties, glasses etc. etc. and put them on a plastic stick for easy use. 


    Heather chose to use style number 2367 AKA "Chalkboard City" as her photo booth drop. She's hung the piece with a backdrop stand and clamps (our suggested way) to display her photo booth. If you don't have a backdrop stand, don't fret! There's plenty of other ways this can be hung. We've had customers who've used some more DIY MAGIC (aaaah!) and have used velcro, 3M strips, heavy duty tape or push pins to adhere their pieces to a wall at their events or shoots. Our drops have a 1/2" white border around the edges from our printers. Here is a good place to put any holes if need be. this is a "last resort" sort of solution though!




    Have fun with it! That's the point of a photo booth anyway! 

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