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Color Crush: Cerulean and Apple Green

Posted on February 10, 2016 by DropPlace | 1 comment

Spring is in the air, photographers! 

And we feel great as we embrace the season of new growth, and the signs of change are all around us. Flowers are perked, the days are longer, brighter and warmer, and our emotions are lifted by the extra light and raised temperature.

Time to get rid of those old clunky photography drops and take a look at these bright and refreshing Color Crush's of the month, cerulean and apple green! 

Don't forget the foolproof plan, photographers! You're going to crush it.

  1. Pick your desired backdrop.
  2. When choosing a secondary drop try and look for a complimentary color, shade or texture that's in your original drop that isn't very dominant. (That'll be the best choice for for your floor).
  3. When looking for a floor, look for styles that will compliment your backdrop of choice. For example, if you have a very busy piece look for something more subdued in pattern or texture. See example 3 on the Color Crush chart. 
  4. HAVE FUN WITH IT. There is no wrong or right combo when it comes to your photo shoots. Let your personality shine! 

    If you still don't have the hang of it don't fret, check back every month for new Color Crush combos!

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